The idea of having satellite based internet is amazing, and it does bring in front some extraordinary benefits. The main focus is on helping people from remote locations to gain access to the internet without having to worry about instability. That’s one of the main issues you get when you want to have internet in remote locations or even in cities. Thankfully, Starlink is coming up with a creative, unique way to handle this situation, and it does bring in front a very distinct set of features. It’s definitely an interesting approach for them, and it does work.

Apparently, the Starlink speed is quite good to the point where you can stream 4K videos on YouTube without buffering. That’s definitely an amazing achievement, considering just how interesting and unique the proposition is. Being able to gain internet access this way is a crucial approach, and they do bring in front a very appealing idea. Not having to deal with wires, while also having massive internet speeds is definitely an exciting idea. Plus, the internet in many parts of the US is rather expensive, and that can be a problem. Starlink strives to rectify that and offer you a great solution.

How much will Starlink internet cost?

According to the beta testers for the Starlink internet, it seems that the equipment costs are $499. For this amount of money, you get a router and an antenna. Keep in mind that this is just the one-time equipment cost. If you want to pay for monthly internet, Starlink will cost you $99 per month. This is according to a leak from beta tester emails. It’s a bit more than the original estimate of $80 per month, however it’s easy to see why they are using this price point.
Satellite internet plans from other companies tend to range anywhere from $30-$60 to $120 and $150. So yes, Starlink definitely stays in that range, and it continues to bring in front a very good set of solutions. Yes, paying for the equipment can be a major investment, but you do pay less eventually, and the speeds are higher when compared to the competition.

How fast will Starlink internet be?

According to the beta tester invite, Starlink should offer speeds of anywhere from 50 mbps to 150 mbps. That depends on where you live, and it seems that many of the beta testers ended up at around 50 mbps and an upload range of ~5 mbps from the promised 13 mbps or more. The thing you must keep in mind here is that Starlink didn’t deploy even half of its satellites and they still have to bring in more ground stations. Once they do that, the speeds will increase. Needless to say, these speeds are still impressive even in the incipient phase of the process.


It’s easy to see why a lot of people believe that Starlink might very well be the future of satellite internet. It’s fast, very dependable and they are committed to bringing new satellites which will push the speed even further. The potential is there, and Starlink is set to deliver on its promises very soon as they release more satellites into the orbit. Sign up here for Starlink beta